Granny Knot - Christine Bousfield

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Granny Knot is a lyrical metaphysics of life and death. Inspired by her grandchildren's remarks — innocent yet wise — Christine Bousfield looks at the ties of love that bind us even in difficult times, focusing particularly on relationships between generations. This is an accessible and humane collection from an experienced writer.

A consistent and individual voice, with a skilful use of visual imagery to carry sometimes complex ideas, in an accessible and intimate way that is rooted in a regional timbre and experience. The poems interweave personal and ancestral history. But even when the perspective is more distant, the feeling of 'bonds' and continuity across generations is vividly evoked, as is particular geographic place and all it means for the characters we meet.

Ros Hudis


Shining Hour

And now this hour lies heavy in the laser's beam
eyes swell through yellow veins, red moons
disclose beyond the tiny point of the macula
hidden bleeding. Splinters onscreen, two lines
of white dots process through the brain — my story
ends when they meet. Now behind my eyelids
I see a silver tree outside the synagogue,
one name etched on every leaf, blazing in the Budapest sun.

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