Salt-sweat & Tears - Louisa Adjoa Parker

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The poems bounce off the page like diamonds hard, right and lethal. Louisa Adjoa Parker writes like a fire blazes: what a commanding way to write I envy her! She writes as if she born to it brutal and cool; sparks fly. Her world is unignorable. It explodes in your face. She insists you listen. Her language is spot-on. She writes like a dream, but a dream that will not let you go; that's ruthless and painful and crystal clear: 100% bold, 100% natural. Nothing escapes her, but her heart is a heart of gold. She shares her pain with a lightness of touch that makes it all the more heart-breaking. Poems with nerves of steel.

Selima Hill


Dreaming of skinheads

At night, I'd dream of being chased
by gangs of skinhead men,
and my Afro, like a soft foam ball,
would seem bigger in the darkness
as the stamp of their
Doc-Martened feet
came closer.

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