The Geranium Woman - Hazel Manuel

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From the award-winning author of Kanyakumari.

Set in Paris and India, The Geranium Woman explores what happens when a successful business woman begins to question the ethics of her world.

While grieving the death of her father, the Parisian CEO of a corporate events company faces stark choices. Questioning what it means to "succeed", she must decide whether to keep trying to build an ethically sound company, in keeping with her values, or appease the shareholders, interested only in profit. Her resolve is tested to the full, not least by Tristan, her board-room nemesis, who has reason to see her fail. Meanwhile, should she continue with either or both of her lovers: dependable confidante Theo-Paul, or Aadarsh, the exciting but commitment-shy Indian "fixer"?

Set in Paris and Mumbai, The Geranium Woman is a rare and timely glimpse into boardroom politics as seen through female eyes. Issues of gender, personal autonomy, and corporate responsibility are all explored with a deft yet nuanced touch in this ambitious and thought-provoking novel.

A much-needed questioning of a traditionally male bastion, The Geranium Woman is modern story-telling at its best.

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