Gardening With Deer - Kathy Miles

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The latest collection from Forward Anthology Poet, Kathy Miles, twice winner of the One Voice Monologue Competition. Gardening With Deer sees Kathy Miles continuing to surprise, delight and unsettle. Weaving together life and myth, light and dark, the poems are vivid and visceral, but never showy. The language is honed, beautifully controlled, exquisitely crafted so that the images resonate long after reading.

From 'Giving Her Brahms':

We spun the truth of it like sugar strands,
just as that morning water was glazed
by a craze of ice, but the pool feeling only
the wholeness of its own world,
newts and nymphs sealed from winter.

And when the litter of her words
was carried away like washed pebbles,
we pointed to early primroses
and she understood the language of colour,
the print of pollen on her fingers,
the taste of green and gold.

Praise for Kathy's previous collection, The Shadow House:

These rich, imaginative new poems from Kathy Miles are well worth the wait since her last collection. Her poems are layered with myth, history, personal experience. They are full of fine observation, whether of love and loss, weather, a walk in low sunlight, a boy fetching the mares home, or Anthony Gormley's iron men striding the sea edge near Liverpool. It is a lovely collection, human, humorous, sensuous, the real enriched by myth, and myth deepened by the essential realism of the poet's vision.

Gillian Clarke

Kathy Miles is a poet with a unique voice. Her poems are dense and subtle but always accessible. Whatever the subject of the poem you can be sure that Kathy Miles will come at it from a totally original angle. There is almost always an intake of surprise. Many of her poems reveal something dark and elusive at their heart: She is particularly good at hinting at an unsettling undercurrent in relationships

Anne Grimes

These poems tug at the heart and reverberate as they soar and dive into our psyche. And, as Miles rightly proclaims, 'sometimes we get what we wish for' — poems sharply-observed which makes us linger long at her poetic table.

Menna Elfyn

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