Equinox - Sheila Wild

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In this long-awaited debut collection, Sheila Wild matches perfect craft with piercing observation. The language is elegant, delicate, but the effect is powerful. Exquisite images and a considered tone are brought to bear on loss, grief and indignity, on the transience and susceptibilities of life whilst precise and compassionate observation of the natural world is used to great effect. Mature, balanced and humane, this is an exceptional debut.

Here's what other poets have said about her work:

A lovely, perfectly-crafted haiku in the shasei tradition.

Kim Richardson

Her poems are calm, with a considered vulnerability

Martin Figura and Helen Ivory

Both patient and powerful

Rachel Mann

Subtle and effective

Helen Tookey

Beautifully gauged, drawing on themes of exploitation, regret, and shame; an unusual and tenderly grieving poem.

Penelope Shuttle

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