Liquorice Fish Books

Words Without Boundaries

Liquorice Fish Books logoWe live in a time when we're led to believe our options are limited. Our imaginations are colonised and co-opted by manufactured images and visions of our landscape that are deliberately constrained and ulterior in intent. Many of the words we use to express ourselves have been suborned, whilst others have been marginalised, ridiculed because they are no longer "fit for purpose". And what is our purpose? To aspire, to strive, to do nothing unless it returns monetary profit.

Our world is shrinking because we are being told there is less here than meets the eye or heart.

Cinnamon's Liquorice Fish Books imprint tries to redress this balance. It champions writing that is innovative and idiosyncratic and writers who are passionate and committed to finding an individual voice and approach to their writing, who are restless with the stunted world of corporate authorship — writing that might be termed "experimental" but only because unorthodox approaches are the best, perhaps only, way for an author to find full expression. First and foremost, Liquorice Fish Books aims to bring you writing that is alive and passionate.

So far, the imprint has published a very personal, visually arresting, collection of poems by Gail Ashton, What rain taught us, and the first parts of Jan Fortune's remarkable Casilda trilogy,  This is the End of the Story and A Remedy for All Things. We've also published Nigel Hutchinson's individualistic debut, The Humble Family Interviews and the deliriously gonzoid debut novel from Ashley Lloyd Smith, Pizza with Jimbob & Twoforks. Looking ahead, there's David Batten's Rotterdam, a beguiling mix of politics, memoir and fiction coming soon.

Liquorice Fish Books hopes you will find much to inspire, to surprise, to enjoy and fall deeply in love with in these and forthcoming projects. Joins us and become part of a community where the imagination and the word exist without boundary.