Down Deep Books

Powerful books for writers

Down Deep Books is an exciting new imprint of Cinnamon Press; a bridge between the press and Jan's blogs on the writing life and our courses, both through Cinnamon and Jan's Becoming Your Story site.

The imprint aims to help writers explore and develop their writing processes and writing lives, not so much the mechanics of writing (there are tons of good books out there on this) but the deep stuff — from why we write to how we build a life around writing, from the values a writing life might entail to the radical practises of writers exploring fluid identities or working in innovative ways.

The core values of Down Deep Books are

  • Radical generosity
  • Deep attention
  • Transformative creativity

Radical generosity to ourselves, our writing, and all that we are connected to, involves slowing down enough to dive into the sediment of ourselves, to emerge as writers of skill and imagination.

Deep attention opens us to flow and crafting. Deep attention makes us listen within—to our vision and passions, and without—to how we can reach out to the world.

Transformative creativity changes the stories we write and stories we want to live by. Transformative creativity enhances our quests to live good and meaningful lives.

The first book from Down Deep Books will be Writing Down Deep; an Alchemy of the Writing Life. The book will launched in Cinnamon Press's 15th anniversary year of 2020.

It's a big book on the writing life packed with examples and writing exercises, in either large format paperback or big square hardback.