The Space Between Us - Neil Elder

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The attention to detail, pressure of observation and imaginative images in Neil Elder’s work combine with a quiet power to deliver a collection that simmers with satire but never cynicism. Elder holds up a mirror to contemporary society, to how we relate, to the way things are beneath the surface, but his gaze is ultimately humane, even when rueful for what has been lost. Vivid, many layered, yet accessible, this is a highly accomplished and utterly distinctive full-length debut that builds on his award-winning pamphlet, Codes of Conduct.

[E]ntertaining throughout, particularly when satirically depicting experiences of office work — a key aspect of contemporary life — in farcical and self-defeating episodes.

Ian Gregson on Codes of Conduct

Neil's made a short promo video for The Space Between Us.

Extract from '3.7 cm (or 1.48 inches) Every Year'

I learnt from the BBC
the moon is moving away from Earth
at a rate of 3.7 cm every year.


There’ll be no hunter’s, harvest or half moon
but you may just sense things slide across the room.

This is what I learnt
just after you had rung.

I am spinning
while you begin to fade.

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