The Humble Family Interviews - Nigel Hutchinson

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A post-war housing estate. Ordinary. Everyday. A place where hope and disappointment walk through the lives of the Humble family. A place where a grazed knee and the uncertainty of existence can share equal weight, dramas big and small can be too much. Life large. Life not enough …

In this debut collection, poet Nigel Hutchinson reflects on the experience of ordinary lives in the hinterlands, those places neither of the thriving centre nor the affluent suburbs. Dry, witty, often poignant and always well-observed, this is a gripping debut from an individualistic voice.

the light falls not quite like Claude's Golden Glow,
seeping like puddles through broken shoes,
some kind of hope going down behind the trees,
who has gone, who will not return,

who dreams of leaving it all behind,
dreams of rainbows.

'A Firing Order'

Author biography

Photo of Nigel HutchinsonNigel Hutchinson studied Fine Art, although he spent a lot of time reading. Words were never far from his work and images are never far from his writing. His work has appeared in The Emblem Of My Work and The Black Page exhibitions for the Laurence Sterne Trust and in various magazines including Envoi, The Interpreter's House, The North, and Under The Radar.