Stale Bread and Miracles - Jan Fortune

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From the moment Meg seeks entry into the priesthood, her vocation is challenged. Charting a path through the campaign for women’s ordination, Stale Bread & Miracles unfolds into a story that is heart-breaking and hopeful… an unflinching meditation on the dehumanising power of the institution and the humane tenacity to re-invent life, told in language that combines the rhythm and lyricism of poetry with the narrative minimalism of pared down prose.  This is an extraordinary narrative, now in it’s third edition.

‘Far beyond the clear-sighted documentation of institutional attitudes, this is the examination of one woman’s journey through a process. It is a word-dance of seven-times-seven veils, each peeled off, held up to the light and then laid aside until we see Meg, alone in the spotlight, as the curtain comes down. I found myself giving her a standing ovation – Brava! Brava!’ — Ann Drysdale

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