The Running Lie — Jennifer Young

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The new Max Falkland novel — sequel to Cold Crash

Out now

In Cold Crash, archaeologist Max Falkland found herself drawn into a dangerous Cold War spy game by the mysterious John Knox…

It's just three weeks later and Max has found a quite archaeological dig in the bombed out shell of St. Bride's Church in London. Skulls and sexism she can deal with. But the return of Knox brings questions. And trouble.

A family request sends her to the Berlin International Film Festival, away from the dig and her growing relationship with John Knox. But after she sees John in Berlin with another woman, Max forces him to confess he is an American spy. When his current case collides with her family life, Max has to find a way to navigate layers of lies. As fireworks explode for the Fourth of July party, Max must make a dangerous choice if she wants to save both John and her family.

The Running Lie is a fast-paced period spy thriller — genuine page-turner!

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