Herself Alone in Orange Rain - Tracey Iceton

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Part two in the gripping Celtic Colours Trilogy

Kaylynne Ryan is a promising art student, used to fighting for her place in a world of men, but when a forgotten friend turns up she realises there is more than her own freedom at stake.

Learning the truth about her Irish heritage, her grandfather who fought all his life for Ireland's independence, her parents who gave their lives for the same cause, she finds herself drawn into the dangerous world of the Provisional IRA with its bombing campaigns, bloody violence, hunger strikes and patriotic sacrifice. She didn't look for the Troubles, but they found her nonetheless, and now, whatever the cost, she must join the cause to help rid the Six Counties of the Brits.

Book 2 in The Celtic Colours Trilogy, Herself Alone in Orange Rain tells the story of one young woman's fight for freedom and independence, for her homeland and for herself.

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The Celtic Colours Trilogy

The first volume in the trilogy, Green Dawn at St Enda's, is on sale now. The final part will be published in March, 2019.

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