Vitus Dreams - Adam Craig

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An explorer dreams of a sea and a land beyond that can be found on no map …

A naval officer becomes lost inside maps of his own making, his wife lost inside her pleas that someone search for her husband …

And, as a singer struggles to make sense of the ordinary things around her, a hitman is trapped in an endless bid to escape …

Meanwhile, two complete strangers plod through their day-to-day lives as they pour their hearts into writing a novel — but which one is the fictional character and which the author?

An ever-shifting kaleidoscope, by turns moving and funny, intense and tender, Vitus Dreams draws you into a place where our basic assumptions about the real and the concrete are shattered to leave us with no choice but to rely on instinct and the people around us, if they exist.

Author Biography

Adam Craig is a writer, editor, mentor, photographer and graphic designer. His longstanding interest in mysticism and the occult is reflected in his second novel, In Dreams the Minotaur Appears Last, and in his short story collection, High City Walk, which features the story 'Marietta Merz', which forms a counterpoint to A Locket of Hermes.