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An ebook library to help Cinnamon keep going

This year is our 15th anniversary. Part of the reason we've managed to last this long is the tremendous support and generosity of our readers and authors. Without you, we wouldn't be here. We want to keep offering great books, from dedicated writers. But these are uncertain and difficult times. So we could do with a little help. But it's only fair that we offer something in return.

Donate £27 to help Cinnamon keep going. As a thank you, you'll get unlimited access to our ebook library: great Cinnamon novels and short story collections, as many as you like, when you like, in Kindle and ePub formats. And we'll add more books to the library from time to time, to show our appreciation for your support.

Help Cinnamon keep creating small miracles from distinctive voices.

How it works

Use this page to make your donation of £27. The system registers your gift and unlocks a hidden area of the Cinnamon website. When next you log in, using your regular Cinnamon user name and password, you'll see that the main menu bar across the top of the home page alters: the menu item EBOOK LIBRARY will appear between BOOKS and IMPRINTS. Follow the EBOOK LIBRARY link and you'll find pages of books to download. Simply find the book you want — in Kindle or ePub format — and click the green Download button.