afterlove — Mario Petrucci

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When it comes to those we love, even our most yearned-for states of union are subject to change. afterlove endures the swarming devastations of loss as consummately as it enters love's raptures, ever alive to devotion's flow and ebb. From domestic paean centred on the beloved, through a father's unabashed affection for his children, to the sometimes savage realisations of love's dissolution, these poems succeed in spanning relationship heaven and hell. Mario Petrucci generates love (and non-love) poetry that refuses to squint in the glare of experience. With characteristic candour and inventiveness, whether through light-filled lyric or a murderous remaking of myth, Petrucci takes us just about everywhere love can go.

afterlove is a collection marked by emotional openness and imaginative risk. These poems of family connection and disconnection are probing, and those featuring the poet's relationship to his children are particularly striking in their tenderness and honesty.

Moniza Alvi

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