Red Affairs, White Affairs — Felicia Nay

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Hong Kong — a teeming city where ritual, religion, the spirits of the dead and the spirit of enterprise meet, sometimes clash. For Reini it's a home that sometimes is strange, sometimes familiar, a place of contrasts — even her name: Reini to close friends, Kim to her colleagues. When she meets a Buddhist environmental activist, she finds Hong Kong's many contradictions come into sharp focus as her own past, her friendships and her work begin to knot, pull tight, threaten to unravel completely.

A rich and astoundingly evocative debut novel, Red Affairs, White Affairs weaves a path through the mysteries of relationships and friendship, of commitment and compassion. Immersive and mesmerising, this is a novel as vivid as the extraordinary city that makes its backdrop.

An unusual setting that so fascinates … a book I couldn't put down; I absolutely recommend it.

Andy Godfrey, author of Thinking of Santorini
and Tracing the Creative Process: a personal journey

The wish to belong and the desire to understand are two ideas deftly woven into the rich and compelling story of Red Affairs, White Affairs. Its subtle observations on human behaviour in different cultures are both razor-sharp and compassionate. This is a beautifully written debut by Felicia Nay.

Jane Bailey, author of Lark Song and What Was Rescued

Red Affairs, White Affairs is a … masterwork of sense and sensuality … seamless rush of impressions and images like the view from some fast-flowing river

Max Dunbar (read the full review).

Author biography

Felicia Nay was born in Germany and spent part of her childhood in Spain. Later, she studied in China and worked in Hong Kong. She now lives again in Germany. Red Affairs, White Affairs is her first novel.