Mini Competition 3: Snow and Ice in Verse

Thank you to everyone who entered – we had a huge response, which made choosing hard work, but great reading. The two winning pieces are from Christine Considine, ‘Mother’s Last Christmas’ and Gabriel Griffin, ‘Domo to Geneva’. Both of these poems show beautiful control with so much left unsaid around the precise details. Both of these poems will be published in the next competition anthology, Jericho and other stories and poems.

On the website you can also read the four excellent runner up pieces. ‘Snowscape’ by Rosalind Hudis uses exquisite imagery and matches sound to content; ‘Snow-blinded’ by Martin Willits Jr takes the theme sideways with two definitions of snow blindness that coalesce around a poignant, but controlled portrait of autism; ‘High Fidelity’ by David Olsen is a first person persona of a climber in danger of being cut free, once again superb sounds an authentic voice that put me in mind of the film of Into the Void, and Miceál Kearney’s ‘Walking on Water’ is a convincing, raw-edged piece of rural life packed with powerful imagery.

We also had very strong work from Gill O’Dwyer, Jane Moreton, Jane McLaughlin, Sian Tower, Scot Siegel, Michele Byrne, Alan Waddell, Ian Richardson and Phil Madden.

Mini Competition 2: – Review

Thank you to everyone who entered and congratulations to Deb Baker, whose review of Anne Cluysenaar’s poetry collection Migrations won the competition:

Mini Competition 1 – Travel and Land

Thank you to everyone who entered. This was an excellent competition with lots of innovative writing. Narrowing the field was hard work and pieces by Margaret Wilmot, Karen Whiteson, Stephanie Percival, Tricia Durdey & Michele Wardell, but after lots of deliberation the three runners up are: Jez Noond, Phil Madden and Victoria Grigg and the winner is Ken Head for his piece ‘Sus’. All four winning pieces are published here and you can find details of our current mini competition at

Runner-up pieces: