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Elements Competition Results


Thank you to everyone who sent entries for the mini competition on the theme of 'elements'. We had some wonderfully inventive takes on the theme and a range of excellent poems. As might be expected, many poems centred on climate degradation and the increasing frequency of natural disasters and many of these poems were conceived with great subtlety and skill.

Those that particularly caught our attention came at the theme from a slightly sideways view, had powerful imagery or were particularly fresh and lucid in their approach.

After reading and re-reading we had a short list of the following poems:

  1. 'Earth Race' by Lizzie Fincham
  2. 'Burn Zone' by Barbara Hickson
  3. 'All Souls Day Brittany' by Nigel Hutchinson
  4. 'Turner's Eyes So Full of Light' by Nigel Hutchinson
  5. 'And as the rain came down' by Tim Kiely
  6. 'Angling' by Tim Kiely
  7. 'When everything becomes again' by Tim Kiely
  8. 'The River' by Erica Jane Morris
  9. 'Like This 'by Jeri Onitskansky
  10. 'The Colour of the Stream' by Jeri Onitskansky
  11. 'The Poet and the Sculptor' by Penny Shutt
  12. '7th September, 2a.m.' by Patricia Helen Woodridge
  13. 'Iron Age Forest' by Patricia Helen Woodridge

Congratulations to all those who made it to the shortlist and particularly to the four winning entries, who will each have a bespoke broadside of their poem designed:

  1. 'Burn Zone' by Barbara Hickson
  2. 'And as the rain came down' by Tim Kiely
  3. 'Like This' by Jeri Onitskansky
  4. 'The Poet and the Sculptor' by Penny Shutt

Watch out for the poems appearing on the website in the spring, where they will be featured as a beautiful bundle of printable downloads or as limited edition hard copies.

Cinnamon Literature Prize 2020 Results


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Saturday, 31 July 2021

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