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Cinnamon Press Debut Poetry Collection Prize, 2016

This year's Debut Poetry Collection competition was one of the toughest we've had to adjudicate.

Congratulations to the long-listed poets who will have one or two poems featured in the forthcoming anthology, In the Cinnamon Corners:

  • Bernadette Gallagher;
  • Rosa Walling-Wefelmeyer;
  • Duane Kahlhamer;
  • David Hale;
  • Christian Wethered;
  • Vincent Steed;
  • Richard Hughes;
  • Jane Lovell;
  • Annie Bien;
  • Lauren Pope;
  • Jessica Mookherjee;
  • David Gilbert;
  • Margaret Wilmot; and
  • Ed Briggs.

The short-listed poets were:

  • Neil Elder;
  • Mick Evans;
  • Sharon Larkin-Jones;
  • Vivienne Tregenza; and
  • Patricia Helen Wooldridge.

The quality of these finalists was so high that the decision was almost impossible. We finally wrestled five very fine submissions down to two, and there we got stuck. Two very distinct and separate voices: Neil Elder's work is layered, sometimes quirky, always has a lot going on under the surface, is invariably fresh in perspective and remains wonderfully accessible; Patricia Helen Wooldridge has a beautifully modulated voice, uses beautiful sounds patterns, keeps every piece taut, lyrical and original. How to choose between two such accomplished writers? Of course, we couldn't, so for this competition we have joint winners.

Huge congratulations to Neil Elder with The Space Between Us and Patricia Helen Wooldridge with Sea Poetics. Look out for their collections in the 2018 summer and autumn lists.

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