Cinnamon Friends

This project was developed by two Cinnamon authors, Jean Harrison and Mavis Gulliver, to enable authors, readers and followers to get involved with supporting the press to stay innovative, independent and sustainable — publishing the books you want to read.

Cinnamon operates on a very small budget and lots of people help make that happen, including making Cinnamon your "good cause" on Easyfundraising.

Be a Cinnamon Friend …

  • to pledge your support at a time when sustainability is increasingly difficult for independent presses;
  • to ensure the future of one of the most innovative, independent presses in the UK;
  • to show your appreciation for 15 years in which Cinnamon has published over 350 books that you wouldn't find in the mainstream;
  • to help fulfil exciting plans for future publications, courses, events and launches;
  • and last, but not least, to support Jan Fortune who runs the press without drawing a salary so you can be sure that every penny you give will be used to run the press.

Become a Cinnamon Friend

Even £1 a month will make a difference, and if you can spare £2, £3 or more it will make a huge difference.


If a regular amount doesn’t appeal to you, a donation, however small will be appreciated. You can also use this method if you’d like to give a one-off larger donation.

You can do this by PAYPAL


To make a transfer, use your online banking facility to set up a payment using the details below:

  • Cinnamon Press
  • Account Number: 62113681
  • Sort Code: 090155
  • Santander Business Banking, Santander Business Banking Centre, Bridle Road, Bootle, L30 4GB

Other ways to help

In addition to supporting Cinnamon Friends or making a donation, there are lots of other ways you can help:

  • Buy one of the tempting titles on this website, or look at our special offers.
  • Enter a Cinnamon Press competition.
  • Attend a Cinnamon Press course.
  • Become a Cinnamon Subscriber and get great discounts on all our books, etc.

And please join in this innovative way to raise funds when you shop online without costing you a penny

Simply go to It takes 2 minutes to register and to choose Cinnamon Press as your good cause. Then, whenever you shop online, go to the site, find the retailer you are shopping with (Amazon, John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, and hundreds more in every area of sales) and shop from there. The retailer will donate a percentage of the sale to Cinnamon Press at no cost to you.

Creating a future

Since our exciting 10th anniversary year we've been working on more new ideas to ensure that Cinnamon Press goes on developing as a positive and innovative force for literature.

Thank you for your support!