What distinguishes Mark Charlton is an absolute honesty allied to reflective wisdom and a fresh, alert eye. He entertains, yes, and makes us laugh (or at the very least smile ruefully). But beyond that, he reminds us of what it is to be both fully and compassionately human whilst remaining rooted in the world of nature. These refelctions are a treat not to be missed. And more than that, they’re a liberal education. They quietly, modestly, enhance our understanding of the world we inhabit in its every aspect.’

Jim Perrin

Heartfelt, tender and deeply moving, COUNTING STEPS is a book to savour, to dip into and dwell upon, yet so full of beauty, of soaring kestrels, crystal clear streams and the gift of life that I could hardly put it down, devouring it from cover-to-cover in two joy-filled sittings… a real achievement.

Rory Maclean


Mark Charlton is Company Secretary of WH Smiths and was recently appointed Group Communications Director. Mark has tutored writing courses at Ty Newydd and his blog, Views from the Bike Shed, attracts hundreds of readers each week. He has homes in the West Country and Pembrokeshire.
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