Enough Light to See the Dark by Frank Dullaghan

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Darker, more accomplished, wistful and poignant, yet with enough light to see not only the dark, but those cracks between things where love and hope live, Enough Light to See the Dark, is a confident collection, an accessible and profoundly humane collection.

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“I welcome Frank Dullaghan’s lyrical second collection. His ‘poet’s voice’ and Irish way with words ring true as a bell. These are poems of love and loss, the deaths of parents, and children, the illness of a son. A tender poem for his bereaved father recalls the quart can of porter which the son would fetch home for his father to drink like a ‘sacramental sin’. Sin haunts, and syntax gives tension to such poems. Ireland, childhood, mythology are layered like peat in poems of insight into the lives of others, the ‘bog-dark silences’ of people’s lives, the ‘dark within the fairy tale’. The poems move from past to present, from Ireland to Dubai, closing with ‘The Record-Player’, for his wife, Marie, remembering when they were ‘just out of uni, money so new/and exciting’, and ‘The future was more possible than the past.’ An admirable collection, well worth the wait.”
Gillian Clarke

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“The poems here travel from provincial Ireland across the world, as much at home in history and folklore as they are in modernity. Their real territory is the mind, in all its darkness, strangeness and joy. Frank Dullaghan has a light touch with language but his words leave a lasting mark.”
Matthew Francis

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Praise for Frank Dullaghan’s previous collection

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Frank Dullaghan’s quietly spoken poems move between tenderness and terror with a humane warmth. They deal with the business of the world as experienced by a fully human being. The language follows and embraces a wide range of affairs, touching on loved, known and dangerous things – the texture of experience – lightly, unfussily, with a lovely ear for the plain cadence that is, for most of us, the sweet-sad music of being alive.’
George Szirtes

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Frank Dullaghan was born in Ireland and studied Economics at Dublin University. He currently lives in the United Arab Emirates where he works as Chief Financial Officer for Libertas Capital Group PLC, which he co-founded in 2002. He has an MA in Creative Writing from the University of Glamorgan and is widely published in small press magazines. His debut collection, On the Back of the Wind, was published by Cinnamon Press in 2008.

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