Behind the Lines by Chris Considine

Praise for Behind the Lines

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I have been an admirer of Chris Considine’s intelligent poetry for some years now and have been awaiting her next volume with pleasurable anticipation. She writes with straightforward honesty, infectious energy and real wit. Her subject matter may begin as an immediate response to a particular, quite ordinary stimulus but often leads to the discovery of something unusual. From witty one-offs to in-depth explorations through carefully-constructed sequences, her poems satisfy. They are varied, touching and literate. 

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Ann Drysdale

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The poems have a deftness of touch, a strongly visual impact, and employ an active language delighting in, as Tennyson has said, ‘fitting aptest words to things’. There is poignant seriousness and playful humour in poems that take a slantways view of the world and its history and therefore make us see things as if for the first time.

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Matt Simpson (Stride)

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